Help! Wedding Decor Dilemmas

As with any wedding,(ask any past bride) there are things that don’t always go as expected.  Of course, on the day of this might cause an already stressed out bride to worry even more!  For this post, I want to discuss how to avoid these day of decor dilemmas.  It’s important to start off by saying, don’t worry so much.  I know-easier said than done.  Believe me, these problems are usually so small your guests won’t even notice.  My wedding had a few of these decor dilemmas, and I’d like to discuss what I learned works best.

Bring all decor about a week before the wedding:  Any box, basket, centerpiece, cocktail hour item I had with me was labeled and organized.  I had all of the sweetheart table items in one box, the cake table in another, etc.  The week before the wedding, I brought over all items and reviewed everything with the wedding coordinator and her assistant.  Most venues will have an extra room where you can store items prior to your wedding.  Usually you have access to this room between 5-7 days before the big day.  Make sure to utilize it! Now despite labeling everything and placing all decor in the same room, the staff forgot to use all of the decorations i had planned on.  Now did any of my guests notice?  Nope.  Only I knew, and although, I was a little upset, it really didn’t matter in the end.

Bring extra supplies:  There is always a chance that something could go missing or a piece could break off a centerpiece/decor item.  Therefore, it is important to have extra place cards, pens, any pearls, sequins, etc handy just in case they are needed.  I recommend bringing scissors, tape, and a hot glue gun just to have as back up tools as well.  These small items can really help out with any last-minute fix-its before the wedding starts!  Prior to the wedding keep these items in your car, to avoid forgetting to pack them. At my wedding a few beads and lettering fell of of one of my items.  If I had these supplies accessible, this could have been an easy fix!  So please- learn from my mistake!

Teach your MOH, mother, or helpful wedding guest:  If you have someone in your life that is creative, make sure to utilize them with all aspects of  the wedding decor.  For me that was my mom and a few of my friends.  Now, as a bride, you will be extremely busy and overwhelmed throughout the day.  The last thing you need to be doing is setting up, rearranging, or fixing any wedding decor.  I recommend telling one or two of these creative people how you envision your big day.  Since they know you better any wedding coordinator, they will want to make sure the room looks exactly how you envisioned it.  Teach them about your decor, demonstrate how to do things, and even make a map/layout of the room and where you want things to go.  This will be helpful for them and save you a lot of work in the end!

Bottom line: Preparation and detailed instructions are key.  It will help with planning a very smooth and successful day!  Of course, as I said before, there may be small details that aren’t perfect.  As long as only you notice it, don’t worry about it.  Go have fun and enjoy your big day!

Craft Corner: DIY in Less than 10

One of the most popular questions I get asked is “How do you make something like this?”  My answer really depends on the materials you will need, the prep time, and the actual time to create the piece.  There are many crafts that take days even weeks to make, but my favorites are the quick, yet very cute projects that can be made in just a few easy minutes!

If you haven’t noticed already, one of my favorite decorations to use involves quotes,  phrases, words, signs, banners.  At stores like TJMaxx, Burlington Coat Factory, and Marshalls, there are plenty of love and family quotes, cutouts, and pictures.  Instead of just telling you what you can do, I want to show you how easy it is to transform an item you purchase into a beautiful decoration!

I went to a store called JoAnn’s fabrics, with the intent to purchase scrapbook paper when I came across some cute quote plaques.  While many are not relevant to weddings, I found one that could be used at a wedding and it was on sale for $8.  It even had a nice ribbon bow attached to the top.  This provides an additional hanging option when trying to find the perfect way to display the sign at a wedding!

Next, I found embellishments to jazz up the sign.  Craft stores always have a great selection of decorative flowers (usually meant for hair accessories), but I find they often look pretty as details on signs.  I selected a standout color for mine (purple) and added some ivory flowers to balance the look.  Too much color may be distracting, and take away from the actual quote.  Flowers usually can run anywhere between $3-$6 dollars depending on their size and detail.  I usually try the clearance aisles first, because you never know what you may discover!

After gluing the flowers, I also found couple of crystal stickers in my arts & crafts drawer.  I added them on as an elegant touch. The nice thing about stickers is you can trial them in different locations of the sign, to find what looks best. Pearls are another good option, and usually the sticker pearls can be found in the scrapbooking aisles.

Lastly, you need to personalize the sign.  I found these cute ivory tags, then wrote a little message and the date we got married.  Take a look at the finished product below!  All of it together cost under $18.

image (23) image (24)

DIY Placecards!

Many of you DIY (Do-it-yourself) brides are always on the lookout for cute, creative ways to save on wedding décor.  While centerpieces may seem too challenging to make on your own, there are plenty of other wedding projects you can do.  One of my personal favorites are the place cards.  You can use the place cards to show off your theme as well as provide guests with take home goodies.  Check out some of the latest trends below:


Food is a pretty big deal at a wedding, just ask any guy.  And while most wedding food is selected based on options provided by the venue, there are plenty of fun ideas to use for place cards.  If you are going for the whole “love is sweet” theme, you can choose personalized candy bars, M&Ms, lolli-pops, or chocolate covered pretzels (white for the bride and dark chocolate for the groom).  Check out both party good stores and craft stores to find containers and labels for unpackaged candy.  These can typically be found in the wedding, scrap-booking, and/or party décor aisles.  If you are also using candy and have a particular color scheme, make sure to incorporate that into your place card table look.



Who doesn’t love a cute picture frame or picture stand? And by who, I typically mean the women attending your wedding.  When spending a little more cash on these kinds of place cards, you can also provide guests with a fun take-home gift!  Sometimes you can even find plain frames for less than a dollar.  Then you can add your own flair by using some embellishments like pearls, rhinestones, or fake flowers.


Every-day objects

Any thing you can buy in bulk, label, and craft with can be used for place card holders.  One idea I love is using old-fashioned keys.  Last year at a flea market I  saw a man selling these keys in bulk, and loved their vintage appeal.  If you are going for the whole “key to my heart” or rustic wedding theme, this idea is great and doesn’t cost much.  I’ve also seen brides use wine corks to hold their place cards.  This is another cute look for that whole winery wedding.  Plus, there are plenty of ways to get wine corks prior to your big day.  Can you say girl’s night with your bridesmaids?  ;)


Posters/Seating Chart

Some brides don’t want to stress out about transporting a hundred individual place cards to the wedding.  Therefore, a new trend on the wedding scene is using a poster to list all the individual tables.  If you are going for this look make sure to spend time measuring straight lines, writing/typing in large print, and using colors that contrast well.  I recommend putting your actual poster into a picture frame in order to protect it from getting damaged prior to the wedding.  A great way to display the poster is using a large easel.  Sometimes wedding venues have these accessible, so make sure to ask your coordinator!


No matter what way you go with your place cards, make sure to have fun with them!   Typically these are a last minute wedding project finished a few weeks before the big day (once all RSVPs are received).  However, you can definitely start months in advance by researching and collecting all the materials you will need!

Candle Craze

Some brides choose to use candles for their wedding centerpieces vs. flowers.  Overall, it’s more affordable and easy to prepare prior to the big day.  If you do choose to use candles, don’t just go for the standard look you’ve seen repeated over and over again.  Put your own spin on the look.  Here are my top three favorite uses of candles for wedding centerpieces.  All of these looks can be replicated for the budget-savvy bride!

Wine Glasses & Candles

What a clever way to display candles!  Simply find 3 different sized wine/martini/champagne glasses, flip upside down, and stack candles on top of the glass.  Make sure to experiment with different sizes and shapes to find your perfect look!  Lastly, glue everything onto a supporting base in order to create a safe, stable centerpiece.  Glass glue works well, and you can find this at your local craft score.

Candle Wraps

A nicely lit candle is breath-taking to look at standing alone.  However, if the centerpieces are simple using candle wraps adds an extra bit of flair.  Candle wraps are my own term for anything that wraps around the candle including burlap, lace, ribbon, rhinestones, pearls, and the list goes on.  You can certainly buy these from any wedding decor website or Etsy, but they are easy to make as well.  You can buy all of the materials you need at the store, and then use either regular or hot glue to stick the items onto the candle.  

Romantic candles decorates with bits of lace, ribbon and a touch of bling, instructions at Blush PrintablesScattered Shapes

Of course all of the candles I have been referring to have been thick and cylindrical in nature.  Another cute idea for wedding centerpieces is to use a bunch of different sized and/or shaped candles.  Different options include mixing tall and long candles as well as circular candles and even smaller square candles.  Check out stores like Pier 1, Bed Bath & Beyond, and IKEA for fun options!

Shabby Chic Candle Holders Rustic Wedding Decor SET of 6 (item P10340) on Etsy, $69.99


COLOR ME a Spring Wedding!

Colors are usually the starting point of any wedding decor planning.  First you pick a color, then everything falls into place from there.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Well, some brides have their mind set on a color or multiple colors, while others are lost in a rainbow.  When all else fails, look to the season you are getting married in and the type of wedding you want to portray to your guests.  Since we are in the heart of spring, let’s look at my favorite options for spring weddings.
In order to portray an elegant wedding during the warm spring months, I recommend using lighter colors with supporting accent colors.  Pastels are very big for this time of year.  An example of a springtime color combo is a light pink or mint green with silver and rose gold details.  Another beautiful look is using light blue (like Cinderella’s dress color) with hints of light, dark gray, and silver.  To finalize the look add details with pearls, rhinestones, and crystals ans well as candles and tea lights.
Romantic Wedding
Some brides who are planning a spring wedding would prefer a lot of color.  This makes for very fun decor, especially for your flowers.  One of my favorite color combos is using pink, light green, orange, and yellow.  Another I really enjoy is having an ombre effect with these same colors.  Touches of water, lanterns, mason jars, confetti, and glitter can really give these colors that extra kick to jump start your big day!
Spring Into Summer | Spring Wedding Bouquets

Another popular spring wedding look is the rustic theme.  This is great, especially for an outdoor wedding where the greenery really adds to the decor.  Using faded shades of purples or pinks is a pretty touch.  I personally love when brides use nude, ivory, and light pinks to give off that perfect backyard wedding vibe.  To decorate these color palates add tree bark, branches, strings of lights, and dried leaves/flowers. Lilas

Hopefully this helped give you some ideas, or at least narrow down some of your old ones.  Your homework for the month is to go to a paint store and pick out some of your favorite colors.  Then at home mix and match your options and try to select your favorite combos.  Take pictures, ask your bridesmaids, and research more online to help you spring into the perfect choice for your wedding!

My Top 5 Wedding Decor Trends

I wrote this post for another blog called #Bridehour.  They liked my blog so much (who wouldn’t?) and asked if I could write something for their brides-to-be.  We decided a good topic would be my top 5 wedding decor ideas.  Hope you enjoy this read!

xo, JustCallMeMrs.

“M” is for Monograms

This is a trend that is becoming very popular and you can use in so many creative ways!  One way to try this look is by using lights.  Ask you DJ/band/venue if they have the equipment to light up your initials on the dance floor or wall.  It’s something that will last the whole night and will look great in pictures!  Another way to use monograms is for the centerpieces.  If you’re using flowers, adding a cute monogram of your new last initial can really catch the eye. You can be creative and go to your local craft store and add paint, glitter, pearls, etc to match you wedding look. Personally, I like getting 2-3 colors of paint and using a sponge painting technique to create a tye-die effect. For sweetheart tables, using block letters that spell out Mr. & Mrs. is a really fun idea as well.  These are sold on sites like Amazon & Etsy, if you aren’t into making them yourself.

Water Effects

Water is an awesome and free source of décor that can make any wedding centerpiece appear very elegant.  At craft stores they sell long clear vases that make great centerpieces.  By placing water in these vases/cylinders you can create so many looks.  If you have a really bright color in your wedding palate you can dye the water to match it.  You can also have branches and/flowers crawl up the sides, floating leaves and candles for autumn, or even put fresh fruit inside for a tropical summer wedding!  For cocktail hour you can purchase smaller bowls to create a similar appearance.

Wine Bottles

Many brides who have winery weddings love using this look!   However, it’s a great concept that can be used for décor regardless of where your wedding is held.   First collect a bunch of wine bottles (doesn’t matter the shape, color, or size) and peel off the labels.  Then the fun begins.  You can start by painting the wine bottles different colors. I think a cute idea is to purchase chalkboard paint and write on the bottles in a white chalkboard pen.  For example take four bottles and write a different letter of LOVE onto each one.  This can be a cute addition to the place card or cake table!  Additional ideas include wrapping the bottles in yarn, adding glitter, Christmas string lights around or inside the bottle, and adding pearls, rhinestones, or shells.  Have fun with this DIY project.

High/Low Centerpieces

It’s very common to think that everything in a wedding has to match perfectly.  If there are “x” amount of tables then there need to be “x” amount of centerpieces.  This is definitely not the case.  You can have so much fun mixing and incorporating different sizes and shapes.  For example, if you are having tables with high floral centerpieces, make some have low floral centerpieces.  It can really break up the room and give it a spacious look.


This idea is something that I personally think should be incorporated into all weddings.  Every bride and groom has a story, so make sure you tell yours.  Guests will love it!  Whether you make an entrance sign with all the important dates in your relationship (first date, first house, engagement, etc.) or select a specific wedding theme that fits your personalities, there are so many ideas.  Just Pinterest, read blogs, and talk to other brides.  At my wedding, I made programs, drink stirrers, and overnight bags including fun facts about me and my husband.  Even though they weren’t technically decorations, these ideas added a personal touch to all the other décor I had there.  So be creative!

Hopefully, some of these wedding décor ideas can help you with planning your own wedding.  One great way to save money and spend time with your bridesmaids is to have a crafting party!  If you aren’t the most creative person, but have friends who are—use them!  All of these looks can be created within the home before the big day.  Happy Planning!